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LVA Panel Report



We recommend having this report done at the end of each panel.  This is a comprehensive report on the longwall performance for the whole panel, or a portion of the panel. The report is published as a PDF document and includes the following..


·         Summary, Introduction & Explanatory notes

·         Panel configuration

o        Start and end dates, Number of shields etc.

·         Data quality

o        Investigate and report on the quality of the raw leg pressure data collected by LVA during the panel, including noting any gaps or anomalies.

o        Histogram-type plot showing data existing or missing, in 10-minute increments across each day.

·         Chainage

o        Graph of chainage against time

o        Plot of all days on which chainage data is or is not recorded

·         Shearer movement

o        Histogram-type plot showing shearer speed, shearer stopped, or missing data in 10-minute increments across each day.

·         A series of detailed plots showing the following parameters for each leg of each shield against individual shears across the face for the entire panel length..

o        Time-Weighted Average Pressure (TWAP)

o        Number of yield events

o        Low set pressures

o        Loading rates

o        Any calibration issues on leg pressure readings

o        Highlighting legs that may be leaking

o        Maps of cycle duration times

·         Highlight possible “trouble spots”

·         Identify weighting events


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